The Kent Emporium

Summer 2020 - dates to be provided after Shelter-In Restrictions are lifted.

Week 1 - TBD       | Start Where You Are

Discover where you are on the Soul’s Calling Roadmap
Connect to your pride stories to clarify what your gifts are

Week 2 - TBD       | Heading North

Learn your body's Truth Meter sensations for "NO" and "YES"
Create a "Misery" Board to clear your psychic space
Create a "Joy" Board based on the feelings you want to have

Week 3 - TBD     | Inspired Action

Learn to use your emotional safe spot for soul guidance
Excavate your defining moments

Week 4 - TBD     | Navigating Uncharted Territory

Identify your subconscious beliefs about money, work, and life
Re-define Success on your terms

Week 5 - TBD       | Embracing Your Awesomeness

Let you Life Speak to uncover your soul's purpose through life lessons
Create a "If Pay Was Based On Love" board to discover your true soul's desires

Week 6 - TBD     | ! (exclamation point)

Discuss your next steps based on your "Let you Life Speak" and "If Pay Was Based On Love"
Soul Circle Feedback

This Circle is limited to 8 people.  If you are not sure if this is right for you, have a question, or would like to discuss this program as a one-on-one option please schedule a free 30-minute call and I can answer any questions you may have

Are you feeling stuck with where to go next in your career and your life?

Have you outgrown your current roadmap and have no clear idea what to do next?

Do you ache to discover your unique gifts and purpose?

Do you want to create work that makes a difference and feels deeply meaningful?

Are you ready to connect to your own magic and claim your unique gifts and SHINE?

Soul's Calling Circle