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If you are not sure if this is right for you, have a question, or would like to discuss this program as a one-on-one option please schedule a free 30-minute Roadmap call and I can answer any questions you may have.

Have you forgotten who you are and what makes your shine?

Are you feeling stuck and filled with self-doubt regarding where to go next in your life, career or business?

Have you outgrown your current life and have no clear idea what to do next?

Do you ache to connect with other like minded people and just laugh?

Soul’s Calling Circle – Reconnecting To Your Dream

Are you ready to reconnect to your own magic and SHINE?

Soul's Calling Circle - Reconnecting To Your Dream

Price:  $200
Bi-Weekly:  June 10th – August 19th
Time:  6pm – 8pm CST

I have designed this workshop so people can attend in-person or via ZOOM.  The workshops will be held on Wednesday’s from 6pm CST – 8pm CST.  Each class will be recorded and sent out to the participants (so if you can not attend every class – no worries – I have you covered).

Week 1 – Jun 10th       | Start Where You Are

Discover where you are on the Soul’s Calling Roadmap
Re-connect to your core essence and your strengths

Week 2 – Jun 24th       | Heading North

Learn your body’s Truth Meter sensations for “NO” and “YES”
Create a “Misery” Board to clear your psychic space
Create a “Joy” Board based on the feelings you want to have

Week 3 – Jul 8th     | Inspired Action

Excavate your trust map and connect to your inner magic
Learn to trust your intuition and connect with your guidance squad

Week 4 – Jul 22nd     | Navigating Uncharted Territory

Identify a shadow story
Discover your hidden shadow gift

Week 5 – Aug 5th       | Embracing Your Awesomeness

Learn about your Human Design chart
Discover you unique energy type and know when you are in/out of alignment

Week 6 – Aug 19th     | ! (exclamation point)

Create a “If Pay Was Based On Love” board to discover your next adventure
Start planning for your next adventure

Price:  $200